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Godot (3D)
- "WASD" movement and jumping
- Generic full auto gun
- Level drafting
- Basic enemy (part 1)
- Basic enemy (part 2)

Command line reference. Minimalistic site. Linux/macOS/Windows. Developed by a dude in England.

Brain upgrades/plugins/extensions. A week of practice in some skills will decrease time and effort in life tasks.

Linux information. Accidentally gives life advice. Linguistics, the destructive nature of technology, and general independence are some of the other topics he covers.

List of recommendations for the shell.

List of recommendations for Python.

Relatively basic introduction to JavaScript.

Not entirely sure what this is but I'm sure someone will find it useful.

The first place to look for software recommendations. Mainly Linux-like.

Vim-like software recommendations.

Language learning tool, provides subtitles and a time-scrubber(?) based on the subtitles.

Books, new and old. No cost. Download limit per day.

Also think about archiving. Big sites can go down the same as small sites.
Information can be changed and misrepresented.
DVD's are a very cheap form of storage. Conventional hard drives are affordable.
Online storage is generally free. Compress 7z/zip/tar/etc., password protect if
needed and upload them to the storage provider of your choice (Googs?).

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